3 Leadership Qualities to Develop for a Healthy Company Culture

As you know,  the culture or heart-beat of a company trickles from the top, down. That’s why leadership sets the “tone” for the entire group. When was the last time you looked at what your leadership tone is?  

Exceptional leaders are those who are open, social, friendly, communicative, humble, sensitive to others, flexible, honest and down to earth. If you think about it, these qualities are the exact qualities which leave the deepest and most meaningful impact on others.   

The type of character we build and the leadership-style we develop, is a choice. In every situation we have the choice in how we respond. Good character is what separates the great from the average, empty words from action, and the successful from the non-successful. Good character also allows us to forge a connection with others which is the foundation of a company culture.   

  • Possess high levels of self-control and self-awareness 

Great leaders are emotionally intelligent, patient and calm under pressure.  The ability to remain calm is undoubtedly the most notable traits of leaders with solid character. There is nothing more empowering than a person who possesses high levels of self-awareness. When a person is completely at ease within themselves, others are naturally drawn to them. It is exactly what inspires other people to want to work with that person.  The best way to develop positive self-awareness is to focus on the good, the wins, and the gains made through each challenge and to also acknowledge the miraculous new directions to come from our more painful trials. 

  • Place courage over fear and embrace what is possible

Exceptional leaders have developed mastery over their fears by training themselves not to regress under stress. They wear their emotions close to their chest, and prefer to place acts of great courage over cowering to their fears.  Leaders have the ability to stay focused on possibilities and understand that is the key to achieving high-level goals. \

  • Empathy towards self and others 

Exceptional leaders are naturally empathetic. Empathy is the one emotion that fosters an authentic connection between one human being and another which is exactly what is needed for a healthy culture.  We must each cultivate the humility and work ethic to take responsibility for our actions and to do what is within our power to create a positive change in our destiny. 

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