5 Reasons Group Coaching is TRENDING!

It’s no surprise that Group Coaching programs are the new THANG.  Whether they are focused on business goals, self-growth, or leadership development, group coaching is where it’s happenin’ for you to maximize your dollar, time,  resources and your energy.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Collaboration!

Group Coaching fosters major collaboration and connection. The more like-minded people you get together who are all striving toward a common goal, the more exponential the group benefits.  You’ll not only benefit from the coach’s feedback, but also the feedback from others.

2.  Creativity!

Group Coaching can spark a firestorm of creativity. When you work with others, you are constantly sharing ideas and gaining new outside perspectives. Sometimes the simplest question can seed the most informative and collaborative discussion.   This kind of creativity can allow you access to new insight, ideas, and possible solutions.

3. Support Team!

Group Coaching can provide support and structures to keep you on your path to success. You’re already joining forces with people on a similar path who understand your perspective, may have similar goals, and may even be interested in being an accountability partner as you all practice the skills you learn in the group.  The more people we have in our corner, the better, especially when it comes to reaching goals, striving toward our potential, or making a life change to increase our life fulfillment.

4. Networking/Marketing Opportunity!

Group Coaching can help you meet new people who could catapult you to success.  You may meet just the right person to take your business to the next level or you may even find new customers or referrals from the group.

5.  Affordable! 

Group Coaching is the most affordable way to go.   Just as any kind of coaching or training program, the format allows for more affordable coaching.

To make the most out of group coaching, jump in there and speak up. The coach is there to help you and will give their time to the ones who show up and ask for it. Group coaching is a great way to connect with a coach and other people who can support you along the way. You just have to show up and let yourself be seen!

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