5 Steps to Personal Empowerment for the New Year

What would your life look like if you, as an individual, were living the most empowered life possible?  Now is the perfect time to take responsibility for everything in your life and what you are creating.  Only you have the power to shape your own life.  

Tony Robbins once said, “The quality of your life is the quality of the meaning you give to everything in your life.”

The difference is acknowledging when you are focused more on ‘circumstances’ happening to you vs. when you are truly creating these ‘circumstances’.  Are you a ‘victim’ or ‘at cause’?  Being at cause is obviously more empowering and easier than you might think. Focus on what you can control, which is your hope, your attitude, your drive, your willingness to hustle, your commitment to keeping an objective and empowered mindset. If your individual life is empowered, it will have an empowering impact on all those who surround you.  

 1- Be Open to Possibilities 

The more open you are to possibility, the more creative you become and the more expansive of a world you create for yourself to succeed in.  Closed minds simply refuse to see what is available. Life is a direct reflection of your beliefs. If you want a better outcome, then create it. Your opportunities for new hope and change are boundless, and it all starts within you.  

 2- Welcome Change 

It’s one thing to be open to possibilities and another to actually be ready for the change and ready to get out of your comfort zone.  For things to change, you must change.  Nothing new is happening in your comfort zone, it’s happening outside your comfort zone.  Welcoming change comes from the act of accepting each moment and letting go of the last.  With practice, you can flow in and out of each moment with ease. That’s where great things happen.  

3- Focus on who YOU are 

In the spirit of truly living from the ‘at cause’ stance,  you stay focused on who you are and what your life purpose is.  You most likely have given some thought to what you consider to be your life purpose.  Living your life with your purpose in mind is the most empowering way to live and leave your mark of greatness on the world. 

4- Love what you do 

 Love is the most powerful of all the emotions, which is why truly empowered people work in careers they love.  Passion is such a creative expression of personal empowerment.  When you are deeply passionate about what you want, work doesn’t feel like work, it’s more personal. When you love what you do, fears you may have of not succeeding will be outdone by the passion you have to never let failing be an option. 

5- Embrace imperfect moments 

The most empowered path to success comes through your experiences of set-backs or failure. The late Mary Tyler Moore famously said, “You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.” Empowerment is most deeply cultivated during times of challenge.  Choose to evolve rather than dissolve when faced with adversity. Your imperfect moments are actually THE perfect catalyst for growth to next milestone of success on your journey.  

To live an empowered life and leave your mark of greatness is to be open to possibility, live out your life purpose, and continue to evolve and create.  Love what you do so deeply that you welcome others in your dream and empower them in their own success.  Now what does THAT life look like to you? 

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