Meet Erin

Erin Gaulding is a well-known Leadership coach primarily focusing on business owners and CEO’s as a new way of conducting business, focused more on relationships, is emerging.  Her coaching challenges them to re-think what is possible in their lives and gain access to their personal best. She encourages them to lead themselves first, then be THE example for others.

In a collaborative partnership, she works through any areas or limiting beliefs that may be keeping them back from realizing their full potential and living their best lives. She is an ontologically-trained coach focusing on igniting the inner fire to let that energy be the guide with her clients. Erin has been a part of many remarkable transformations with her unique strategies and methodologies.

Erin is best known for her explosive energy, visionary leadership and presence of mind. She has been involved in guiding many small businesses and their leaders to reach their full potential using her over 20+ years of personal entrepreneurial experience. Her background is not only operating and growing companies, but has over 25+ years of consultative + solution-based selling. She has been coached by well-renowned leaders and is a certified life + leadership coach.

Are you a high-level CEO or driven owner of your own business and looking to up-level what is possible? She would like to invite you to a complimentary phone call to explore what coaching could do for you and support you in living your best life