Companies are Using Vision Board Workshops to Empower + Motivate Employees

Vision Board Workshops are TRENDING in corporate activities, focused on team building, motivation, and connecting the corporate goals to the personal goals of each employee.

These days companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to inspire, empower and motivate their employees in a way that is benevolent, morale-boosting, and equally self-serving of the corporate goals.  Also, leadership is constantly seeking ways to create and empower the cohesiveness and communication of teams, regardless of personalities.

The concept of “vision boarding” has been around in corporate sales teams for quite some time, depending on if the sales leadership personally practiced this method for envisioning success, as a motivator for creating it in their sales people. Now, it is so much more.

Studies have shown that employees who are successful and motivated in their personal life, tend to translate that to their work with increased performance.

So how do you help them ACHIEVE that BALANCE? You tie them together with the same importance.

Employers know that there is more to life than work, but they need their employees to show up every day with a passion for their job, as if it’s the most important part of life. My workshops teach employees how to look at their life in the big picture; how to define and focus on their FUTURE as opposed to where they are now.

So how to you improve team cohesion and communication? Foster an environment that encourages people to get to know at each at a deeper level than work tasks or “water cooler” talk. People want to be heard, seen, fully expressed and connect with others by learning about what lights them up, what they dream about, and their passions. A vision board workshop sets the stage for dropping boundaries and connecting on a new level with other…. sharing dreams and goals.

Vision Board Workshops sets the stage for dreaming big, connecting to the dreams and allows the company to show employees they support and value them.

Let’s create something special for your team! Learn more about Vision + Fire Coaching Vision Board Workshops for Corporate

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