Do LESS, Get MORE! Business Coaching Advice

Sounds crazy that this is actual business coaching advice, right?

This was a tough concept for me to get. One thing I am good at is ACTION. I have so much “action” power… I can take action for you too. I actually took pride in my ability to SUPER-ACTION success for myself and my business.

Well…. this is NOT the easiest way. We think that if we slow down, the “dream machine”, your business… whatever it is, will slow down or stop. We think if we are not taking action, then we are not putting positive energy into the business. We tend to fill our days with NOTHING BUT ACTION to go to bed at night feeling productive and with the satisfaction of a “hard days work”.


You have great intentions for your business and dreams and THAT is already set in motion. Now YOUR JOB is to keep the vibration and momentum going by FEELING GOOD and LOVING YOUR BUSINESS. All of the work hard until you drop, worrying about lack of clients or slowing sales, and silent fears are CREATING RESISTANCE. You are working against the natural flow.

You have to LOVE YOUR JOURNEY, to put money in your bank account. It’s like being so excited to take your dream road trip, but you keep manifesting flat tires, engine trouble, traffic jams and roadblocks… the journey is miserable and you are beginning to think it was not meant to be! Hustling and Over-action to fill your time… is the same as roadblocks.

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