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Leadership is changing and calls for individuals to own their own leadership in a way that it has never been before.  Our program is for the rising leaders who are out in there in the world making a difference in their business, community, tribe, family and within themselves.

Our intent is support you in building confidence, motivation, empowerment, manage stress and negative thoughts, and OWN a WINNING MINDSET daily. We will interview leaders and business owners and hear their tips, challenges and what they see in changing leadership.

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  1. Kathie

    Hello Erin. I’m really excited about your new podcast. You sound really strong and positive. I will listen to your podcasts because I think you have something just in the words and tone of your first one that seems spot on for the times. I’m looking forward to being part of new ways to be. New ways to be positive, strong and confident. The times are calling for all of us to wake up on so many levels

    1. Erin Gaulding

      Thank you so much! We appreciate you listening and calling forth your own greatness.

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