We support pioneering women to embrace & celebrate their INNER PHOENIX
and build a LEGACY & EMPIRE!

If you are ready to build your empire, leave a legacy, and strive for living at your highest level, then you are in the right place!


In this one-of-a-kind program, we will clearly define your life purpose, embrace your passions, and build a strategy for your world-class, profitable business empire you've been dreaming about.

This is for the woman who WANTS it all and GETS what she wants!

Who is SHE?  A Phoenix Rising Woman?

She Visions a Reality.

She Rises to what She wants.

She Creates a Legacy.

She Gets what She wants.

You are SHE!


Imagine a Phoenix Rising Woman to be part goddess & part badass.

Imagine yourself living a life full of PASSION and you PROFIT from it. You live in your LIFE PURPOSE daily. Your Phoenix Power has a ripple effect to those around you. You are MAGNETIC.

You build your own wealth, your own empire, and you make an impact.


You have the tools & the GUTS, the FIRE, the GRACE to DO IT AGAIN!


This is what you will create in 16 weeks.



On-demand Coaching & Training Modules (content below)
12 Live Virtual Group Coaching Sessions (via Zoom)
1 Essence of your Phoenix, 1:1 Live Virtual Session with Erin for 90 min (via Zoom)
4 VIP 1:1 Live Virtual Sessions with Erin for 60 min (via Zoom)
Unlimited Access to Erin via text, FB Messenger or Vox when you need it
Private Facebook Community for Support + Training throughout program


Connect to your Vision from your Inner Phoenix Spirit

  • See True Phoenix - discover & embrace into your Inner Phoenix. You will know your life purpose.
  • Open Your Vision - tap into your Inner Phoenix & get your true vision, channel all of your highest desires.
  • Commitment to Phoenix - create your life vision + mission statement and your 1 year life contract with yourself.
  • Phoenix Life Flight Map - visual + written path to Fulfillment & Manifestation, declare your desires & establish your new internal GPS to get you there.

Ignite the Fire to burn the old  & clear a new path for your Inner Phoenix

  • Put the Past to Ashes - discover old thoughts, patterns that no longer serve you. Let them go, honor them, but leave as the ashes.
  • Burn Procrastination & Overwhelm Cycles - learn to recognize & manage these cycles that sabotage growth
  • Break up with Negative Habits -  ignite your intuition, reprogram your thoughts to be in alignment with your passion & legacy
  • Handle Stress like a Phoenix - we choose the the Flight, not our "flight or fight" mechanism. Mastery. Enough said.

Rise to the energetic vibration of your dreams & harness your Inner Phoenix Personal Power

  • Energize  - kick into action and start building your empire, build momentum at the highest level
  • Zone of Genius - discover how to stay in your zone, free of distractions & triggers
  • Accelerate - you will be getting results, making money, you feel the momentum
  • Unstoppable now - you are unstoppable now & you know it, learn tools to maintain the energy



Flow with the ease of alignment with your Inner Phoenix & experience total infusion into your being

  • Mind mastery - daily practices to stay in the badass Phoenix empire mindset
  • Emotional intelligence - get in the flow of alignment & allowing & know when you are not
  • Speaking in Integrity - language that lines up with your actions & intentions. Boss-lady communication skills
  • Practice makes Permanent! - Rinse + Repeat

In this Phoenix Rising Program:

  • You will have your PASSION making PROFITS and be connected to your Inner Phoenix Vision
  • You will be empowered and inspired with your individual 'Phoenix Life Flight Map', visual action plan to lead you to success.
  • You will walk away with absolute clarity on your next steps & the fire in your heart and absolute excitement to do it.
  • You will leave the Phoenix Rising experience with a "Visual Action Plan" and powerful coaching tools to stay on course.
  • You will receive in the mail a "Phoenix Luxe Box"  including all of the supplies you will need .... and of course, luxurious curated goodies to create your empire in your own home.
  •   You will receive post-workshop, a complimentary 40 minute one-on-one session with Erin, to anchor in solid transformation and answer your personal questions.



Let’s DREAM about what’s next for you...

Don’t you just feel on fire and so excited when you have a ‘Dream Pipeline’?  I know I feel powerful and like the world is my playground, knowing all of the things I can be, do or have.... if I want to.

Imagine waking up each day and your Dream Pipeline inspires you to align with a higher vision of reality for yourself? Imagine what your day would look like when you are taking the inspired action steps?  What would your life look like? Your business/career look like? It's fun to let your imagination wander.


Personal story confession:  I discovered vision boards back in my late 20’s when I was looking to see what was next for me after I had completed my then ‘bucket list’. It was devastating not having anything exciting lined up, the next fun thing.  I realized that I did not have a Dream Pipeline.  It literally had the feeling of 'that was it', now I just work and do the 'thing'. It was such a depressing and unmotivating spot for me to be in.  But then..... My first vision board was born. And what happened next?  I got the flow going and my dream pipeline is endless. Not only was I fired up, I brought the dreams into reality.  Badassery! Let’s do the same for YOU, together! I will show you how you can create this for yourself and feel your personal power.


Who is the Phoenix Rising Program for, really?

This program is not for those who are not willing to do the work, not willing to be uncomfortable and dream big!  This is a game-changer, epic results-based program!

If you are a woman who knows you are meant to create a legacy, desire to have it all.

and knows there is a bigger dream inside of your heart…. this is for you.


If you are ready to embrace your passions, know your purpose and create wealth, not just money...this is for you.


If you have a desire to have a mind-set of a successful entrepreneur and ready to take it to the next level...this is for you.


If you are a women that cherishes a community of empowered women who support and up-lift each other… this is for you.


If you crave a coaching relationship that honors you in your Essence as the complete whole-person you are… this is for you.



Does this resonate with your soul?

Meet Erin, your Hostess & Coach!

Erin is an entrepreneur, life + leadership coach, mother, chief visionary & unshakable optimist who is passionate about supporting people in living at their highest potential.


Erin is best known for her explosive energy, visionary leadership and presence of mind. Her coaching challenges people to rethink what is possible in their lives and gain access to their personal best. She has been involved in guiding many small businesses and their leaders to reach their full potential for over 20+ years, using her personal entrepreneurial experience. She also uses those skills to teach and inspire our next generation leaders.

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!