Radio Talk Show to Change the World. We CAN DO it!

I am so excited to share an incredible opportunity to CHANGE the world together. My team and I are on the hunt for businesses which are purposeful, aligned with integrity and intent, and committed to spreading greatness.  We are seeking 5 companies to help form the Launch Team for Vision + Fire Radio, part of the Positive-Change Movement.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs break through their limits and create infinite possibilities and greatness. 

We believe entrepreneurs and mindful businesses are powerful in their reach and their ability to spread positive changes and leave impactful results on the planet.  WE NEED YOU!

I am passionate about sharing and cultivating PRESENCE and CONSCIOUSNESS in every human being who seeks it!  The world is calling for it!  Help me to help you… help the world together.  We CAN DO this!

Let your HEART guide you in transforming human consciousness and your role in spreading greatness across the planet.

Thank you for your support!  We can collectively live our best lives by connecting one person at a time.

Talk to you on the RADIO WAVES!



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