What is Your Child Capable of with Focus?

The world is changing and teenagers are feeling more alone, stressed, and overwhelmed than ever. They are not taught to manage their emotions & thoughts and focus them toward their goals. Erin welcomes the opportunity to coach your teen on a ONE-ON-ONE basis. The focus of our coaching curriculum is LEADERSHIP in relationships, academics, and personal development.

What Breakdowns are You Noticing in Your Child Now?

These are Real Challenges Teens Face…

Thank YOU for Paying Attention to Your Child and Seeking a New Approach!

As we all know, the world is changing. The way children interact via social media has changed relationships. The way children do school has changed. What their future holds has changed. Now we question their well-being! Rightfully so…

You know your child better than anyone. You can see they “seem” happy, but are just not sharing what’s really going on. 

You are worried! You feel like your child is not living to their potential and seems to be stuck in a rut. COACHING IS THE KEY!  IT WORKS!

What Can One-on-One Coaching Do?


One thing every human has in common is enjoying having something to look forward to. GOAL setting can the be the means of transforming a bleak outlook into a bright one overnight, especially with teenagers. Without GOALS, our lives seem to lack a sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION.

Whether your teenager is an introvert or an extravert, they ALL have a mind that is racing with thoughts all of the time. Without FOCUS, it seems they get caught in a destructive mindset pattern.  Coaching can support them in creating a new mindset.. ON PURPOSE.

Coaching, by the very nature, is future-based focus and an equal partnership in which the coach is supportive of the personal direction of your teenager. Coaching is like having a cheerleader & an Olympic coach, all in one, supporting your teenager in any way they need. Coaching creates life-lasting transformative habits, skills, confidence, and a sense of empowerment.

Our custom teenager coaching programs focus on Creating a LIFE DESIGN FLIGHT MAP using 5 Key Pillars as well as leadership skills in relationships, academics and personal development.

Includes confidential video sessions with certified coach, exercises & practice areas in between sessions, private messaging with coach any time, and progress updates for parents.