The Power of Vision Boards

We all know that Vision Boards are one of the most powerful tools for bringing your dreams into REALITY.  You can use a vision board to achieve success in all aspects of your life: success in your health, wealth, relationships, career goals, or new experiences you desire.

Creating a vision board is easy, fun, and incredibly powerful.  Once you see the kind of results that it can produce you will say –

Why didn’t someone tell me about Vision Boards before?

From the simplest possessions to the greatest impact and legacy, whatever you want your life to be or to mean, you can find pictures to represent these desires on you vision board.

Some people think the whole idea of vision boards is mystical, magical or just plain hokey.  Actually, there is nothing mystical about it.  There is some pretty compelling science behind it.  So what is a Vision Board? 

A vision board is a way of creating clarity around the life you want to create for yourself.  By choosing a series of powerful, meaningful images and displaying them, you are able to focus your attention on your intentions.  Making a vision board helps you attract the things into your life that you want to have, experience, achieve, or become.  By surrounding yourself with images of the life you want, you cause your life to shift and move in the direction of matching those images.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are constantly telling ourselves stories.  The stories we tell ourselves shape our lives.  They shape who we believe we are, and this belief translates into who we become.

A vision board is really nothing but a story in pictures  Its the story of your life…. the life you want and are creating.

What story are you consciously choosing for yourself?

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