The POWER to Make the IMPOSSIBLE Happen

Stuck in a cycle of continual incremental improvement and “fixing” in your business, rather than a TRUE SHAKE UP and reinvention for new results? You may need to acquire a new kind of power. The POWER to make the IMPOSSIBLE happen. If you are not making the impossible happen on a regular basis, time to check your source of power. If you are not doing this on the regular, then I can say that it is time for a REALITY shift. This type of power can not be found in your past and will not be the way you have done things before,… it will need to be reinvented.

As a leader, the way you are BEING is the source of your reality, which becomes the source of your actions and the decisions you make. The way you are being sets the limits on what is possible and what is not.

TRANSFORMATION is a function of altering the way you are BEING – to create something that is currently not possible in your reality.  Reinventing where the line between possible and impossible is for you and your business.

While CHANGE on the other hand, is a function of altering what you are DOING – to improve something that is already possible and make it better, more etc. This is still in the realm of the way things have gone in the past.

When you alter the way you and your organization are BEING, you have created a new POWER, that is lasting, has a higher momentum to continue push the limits, and truly MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPEN.

~Erin Gaulding, Transforming Leaders

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