Wait Time Until You are Good Enough = 0 MINUTES!

You have arrived.  It’s your turn now!  Yippee!  Maybe NOW you can drop your need to prove yourself to yourself and others.

The “I will be worthy when….” statements puts you in the waiting game.

The “worthliness checklist” is that list of stuff in your head that you think needs to happen before you can be truly worthy of love, belonging, feeling successful and happy.  You know the list.  You are saying to yourself, “I’m not enough on my owns, so to be happy, I need “X”.  We all do it!  Well, maybe not in those words.  May go more like….. I will consider myself healthy when I am eating all organic and work out at least 5 times per week. Every time you attach your worth to an external marker, you deny yourself happiness.

Here are a few more examples….

I’ll be worthy when I lose 20 pounds.

I’ll be worthy when I get promoted.

I’ll be worthy when we get engaged.

I’ll be worthy when I get a new car.

I’ll be worthy when I people wonder how I do it all.

Unless we do the work to shake ourselves out of this cycle, we will remain in the constant state of “almost there”. It will always seem like the line to happiness is getting longer.  What if you were to embrace the fact that “as you are” is good enough.   We look for proof, evidence and permission to be comfortable in our own skin, but remember, we are the only ones to grant that permission.

So what are you waiting for?  Having “arrived” means that you allow yourself to feel that you already belong to whatever proverbial club you were trying to belong to. You can stop waiting for someone to call your name so you know it’s your turn to go in.  You will find once you get there, that everyone is just like you.

You have ARRIVED! I am happy to meet you.






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