What do LOVE & LEADERSHIP Have in Common?

Love and Leadership… strange combination, but actually you can not have one without the other. You may be asking how so? You can not lead anyone, including yourself, without love. You can not love others without being a leader of your own life first.

Over the years, I’ve noticed as a coach that those who have had the most success in their lives and businesses, take the most confident and courageous actions – also happen to be those “working” on having more self-love.

It’s worth investing in and cultivating. It certainly was a big part of my journey. As far as BEING a Confident Feminine Leader…. it is a REQUIREMENT.

The development of self-love can be more challenging that it sounds… or it can be as easy as “saying it so”. It’s a personal quest. Sometimes you are not able to “get” to the point we could call “self-love” right away. Sometimes, you may feel self-LOVE in one area, and self-YUCK in another. Try going around it and starting with: self-like, self-patience, self-tolerance, self-acceptance, or self-soothing.

As a LEADER, you will find at whatever level you are on in your journey of self-love… dictates how you view and interact with others. If you hold judgments or are stingy with your own love, you will be the same outwardly with others. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have one without the other. You can’t even fool anyone that you have both when you don’t….. We all know leaders who seem to be inauthentic and they lose credibility.

The world needs more LEADERS, who are willing to do the work to love themselves fully to be an EXAMPLE of what THAT type of leadership looks like and the far greater impact it has out in the world.

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