When Your Home Life Is Stressful, Your Business Feels It Too

We have all been there.  Bringing home life emotional baggage to the office.  Maybe you are having relationship issues with your spouse, your children may be struggling in school, long list of household to-dos weighing on you, or the most popular, money issues.   You do your best to compartmentalize, but your mind rebels, rehashing the emotions tied to your issues as soon as your concentration wavers.    Wow!  Your business feels it TOO!   

Your thoughts, whether good or bad, will become into existence.  It’s one thing to be mindful of your thoughts when all is well, but when things are stressful, what happens then?  Again, you are not alone.  After all, you are human.  At this point, are you performing in your business at your best?  Are you contributing the thoughts that propel you to next level?  Yep, your business feels it. 


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” 

Henry Ford 


The fastest way to snap out of the funk and get back to working on your goals is being present.  Being present means being completely focused on the present moment; not rehashing the past, nor envisioning a future that hasn’t happened by assuming things as if they were facts. Too often, especially when we perform routine tasks, our minds drift to things that have happened to us, problems we have yet to solve or worries about the future. All of these conspire to take us out of the present moment.  

After all, when you think about it, right now at this present moment, we have everything we need — our bodies, our breath and for many of us, our loving families, and a business that we are passionate about.  Take some deep breaths and remind yourself of the bigger picture, the vision of your best life. 

Do you have a daily practice of mapping out your goals and intentions for the day?  And in addition, do you have a practice of clearing the unwanted thoughts and taking a stance from a new perspective that aligns with your goals?  What are your well-being practices?  

Recognizing that stress can easily creep into the picture and ultimately affect your business, implementing a daily practice to manage it will help you find that balance.  You owe it to yourself and to your business! 

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