Why Entrepreneurs + CEO’s Choose to Hire a Business Coach

{Based on a small business survey} 

As you seek to grow your business, take it in another direction, or simply get more efficiency out of it, you may wondering if you should seek support in those efforts. 

According to The Alternative Board’s most recent Business Pulse Survey, 81% of entrepreneurs have seen a positive impact on their business from business coaching. 

What is a business coach? A business coach, as opposed to a consultant, focuses on supporting the owner in discovering the answers themselves as they are the ones with the vision. A business coach is more of supportive partner who is 100% committed to developing the leader rather than just fixing the problem. A coach walks right along side the owner to guide as needed on the journey.  

What type of coach do they turn to? Business owners, hands-down trust other business owners as the best advisers. And 73% of entrepreneurs state that they hired business coaches that have been (or are) business owners themselves and have been down a similar path.  

Why do they hire a coach? Seasoned business owners have most likely overcome the major struggles of a business through sheer grit and determination, it’s taking their business out of ‘struggle-mode’ and into the ‘making money with ease-mode’ is what they seek. That’s where entrepreneurs look to a business coach. The number one reason owners hire a business coach is to help them become a more effective leader which has a positive trickle-down effect into all facets of the business (and personal life too). More specifically, those surveyed believe a business coach can best assist business owners to connect back to original vision for motivation, support with accountability issues, growing revenue/reducing costs, voicing their business concerns, leading + hiring more capable employees, and supporting in pursuit of new opportunities.  

Basically a Business Coach is a Possibility Partner who is 100% Committed! 

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